About US

Who we are?


      We are a young team of photographers and videographers and we offer high quality photo and video services for special events in your life. Let us be the creators of your memories, let us be the ones who capture the huge moments in your life. 

   Whether it is your 18th birthday party, engagement proposal, your wedding, your child’s baptism, or an important event for your family, we want to be with you and share moments of joy together.

     We invest a lot of passion and time in our work just to create something special for the people we work with.


     By participating in a series of workshops and in-depth courses, we began to perfect ourselves and create something beautiful and magical for our clients.

      We love the fun and we manage to combine it perfectly in our work, being active and full of energy, a reliable support for the people we work with.

     If you want your memories to remain exactly as you lived them, choose GIA Studio Events for your event!